Love the pineapple tarts! You can really taste the difference between Liz’s tarts and the regular store-bought ones. The flaky buttery crust makes this the best pineapple tart I’ve ever tasted. Recommend!


The pineapple tarts were so moist, with just the right balance of pastry and pineapple filling. I actually got my mum to bring 10 tubs over to Europe during my overseas exchange just to satisfy my craving! 🤭



Its a dangerous thing to take just one tiny bite of these pineapple tarts! They are just so addictive! The filling is not too sweet, crust is thin and laden with buttery fragrance. Highly recommended!


Picked up our 5 jars of pineapple tarts today and ate half a jar on the drive home! The buttery pastry literally melts in your mouth. Delicious! Impossible to only eat just 1!


I have made so many of these ultra-buttery pineapple tarts, they are like my babies!

My sisters and I sold these when we were teenagers. During the Chinese New Year season, we were making up to 2,000 tarts a day and eventually sold more than 13,000 jars. Crazy times but great memories!

Nowadays, with 3 munchkins in my life, I bake in much smaller batches and sell limited jars. 

My pineapple tarts are made with the best quality ingredients, and over the years I have fine-tuned the hand-made process to perfection. I never get tired of hearing the rave reviews I get after a day of hard work in the kitchen making these!


I have never had so 😋 yummy tarts !!! Thank you so much Liz !!!!

Your tarts made this Chinese New Year more special !!!

Most recommend!!! 5 Star 🌟


Loved every mouthful of this delicious pineapple tarts! Totally worth it!



The pineapple tarts are a melt-in-the-mouth gem that makes me look for more. One is never enough!