My ambition to sell the perfect brownie started when I went to a popular cafe well-known for it's desserts. I ordered brownies and ice cream in anticipation of chocolate-fudgy goodness but couldn't believe my eyes when the waiter brought me a monstrosity that was half cake half marshmallows. The brownie lover in me wanted to shout to the whole cafe: THIS IS NOT BROWNIES!!!!

I'm super proud of my Dark Chocolate Brownies. It is full of chocolate flavor and chunks of dark chocolate, the texture is perfectly fudgy yet chewy, and there is a beautiful crackly top.

I've cut these into 16 large squares and topped them with scoops of vanilla ice cream for a decadent chocolate dessert; I've also cut them into 64 tiny squares and served them as cute brownie bites, perfect for picking up and popping straight into your mouth!