My chocolate chip cookies are a buttery heaven, loaded with roasted walnuts and melting chocolate chips.


My husband gets all excited when he comes home from work and sees chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. He'll hide away from the kids and eat cookie after cookie another until he remembers his gym membership.

This has been my tried and trusted recipe for years. I've tried many other recipes along the way but always come back to this one. The combination of butter and roasted walnuts and melting chocolate is perfection! Like all my other bakes, it is not too sweet and is packed full of flavor.

Liz's chocolate chip cookies are great! The crust is very buttery and she puts plenty of chocolate chips. Will definitely go back for more!


My first cookie out of the jar was a taste of heaven—perfectly aerated and crumbly, hugged by giant chocolate chips...and oh, that lovely musk from a freshly roasted walnut. Ooh my. Nope, not sharing my precious cookies!


Best COOKIES!!!!!!!♥ 😍



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