I started experimenting in the kitchen at age 7. Lots of cakes and cookies went into the trash due to mistakes, but I kept tryingBy age 18, I baked cakes regularly for functions and ran a home business for 2 years, selling cookies and cakes.

After a long break during which I worked corporate jobs, married a fabulous guy, and popped 3 kids, I decided to bake again—doing what I love while parenting my munchkins. It's been a challenge baking with 3 kids in the house. The poking fingers, sniffing noses, curious questions... Their excitement over my business is both adorable and ​inspiring!

My baking philosophy is making only the most delicious creations possible. The quality of ingredients used and care put into the process mean everything. While I work hard to make food look beautiful, taste and texture are still first priority to me and I never use preservatives or artificial coloring.

Happy Eating!